The Eternal Winter

Letter from Kazimir to Lady Aphyria in Oppara

To Lady Aphyria, Mistress of the Pallid Towers,
Oppara in Taldor

Greetings to you, fair lady, and news.  You sent to Irrisen for a fine porcelain tea set to be given as a gift at the wedding of Lady Argentea Malassene in Zimar.  I am the courier who collected the set in the far north and I am engaged in bringing it to the proper recipients.

As I reached Heldren, a town a short distance from Zimar, I learned two pieces of news.  The first is that it seems that Lady Argentea left Zimar early and unwed and headed back towards Oppara.  That created some consternation over the late decision and the dowry.

The second is that Lady Argentea’s party was attacked on their way back to Oppara.  So far, there is no sign of the lady herself, but many of her party are slain and there is evidence of supernatural involvement.  A small local investigation is underway that I am a part of.  We are hoping to find the Lady alive, even if captors have taken her.

Given the unknown provenance of the future, I cannot say exactly where I will be going.  I might get the opportunity to deliver the porcelain to you in Oppara.  There is also a chance that it will be left at The Silver Stoat in Heldren.

My sympathies go to you for these unsettling tidings; I hope that there will be better news in the future,

Kazimir Velikas


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