The Snows Beckon


Baba Yaga by Bilibin

In the sleepy Taldan hamlet of Heldren, a strange winter has descended in the middle of summer. Somehow, it may be connected to Irissen far to the north, the realm ruled with a cruel and icy fist by the White Witches descended from Baba Yaga herself.

Two Kellid tribespeople following the mysterious prodding from the spirits of their ancestors, two rival half-brothers of Heldren with nothing in common besides an absentee Ulfen father, and a Jadwiga noble trying to escape the evil of his heritage find themselves drawn together to investigate. But where will the wintry trail end?

This campaign is based on the Pathfinder Adventure Path: Reign of Winter by Neil Spicer, Jim Groves, Tim Hitchcock, Matt Goodall, Brandon Hodge and Greg A. Vaughn. Any use of copyright materials are intended only for the enjoyment of the campaign.

The Eternal Winter

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